Without Limitation

The “electrify every energy sector” decarbonization effort now has a new tool to accelerate energy transition efforts. High performance BackbonePV™ material will deliver more electrification sector options, driven by unprecedented solar-everywhere economics and application flexibility. Ultra-low factory CapEx combined with high-speed manufacturing results in a high performance, inexpensive PV material that leads the way for decisively differentiated solar PV product innovation.

Limited only by imagination.

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EMC Business

EMC is laser focused on terawatt scale solar module manufacturability and speed to market by 2022.

High Speed PV Module

Drastic solar module cost reduction requires high throughput, inline production of the entire solar module.

Scale Up

Shattering the expectation that an innovation in solar photovoltaic manufacturing will require over a one billion dollars to reach commercial production.

EMC is Built For Speed

To meet 2050 emissions targets, increased electrification tempo requires immediate innovation. EMC’s focus is solving the solar panel cost and scale challenge. Our unique and innovative manufacturing model:

> Significantly shortens time to commercial product

> Produces product 30X faster

> Enables expedited global factory building 

> Has a rapid product Energy Payback Time

> Empowers high paced new product development

Energy Payback Time


Energy Payback Time