Terawatt Scale
Solar Module

Massively Scalable Solar Panel Manufacturing

EMC’s high-speed roll-to-roll printing of all seven solar cell layers provides the foundation for a high performance, significantly lower cost utility scale PV module which can be supplied at massive scale. 

Replacing the choke point of silicon production and associated wafering and cell processing with low cost, high speed GigaSpeed™ solar cell printing at 100 feet per minute, the global solar industry now has manufacturing model to support rapid installation of 20 TW of solar PV to meet its decarbonization contribution by 2050.

GigaSpeed™ inline printing model

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EMC Manufacturing Advantage

EMC is laser focused on terawatt solar module manufacturability and speed to market by 2022.

High Speed PV

Drastic solar module cost reduction requires high throughput, inline production of the entire solar module.

Scale Up

Shattering the expectation that a new solar manufacturing process requires a billion dollars and 10 years to commercialization .