Advanced Photovoltaic
Material Manufacturing

EMC’s high-speed manufacturing model is a unique fusion of existing and proven high speed Roll-to-Roll printing lines at Kodak, ultra-lightweight and flexible Willow® Glass from Corning®, and perovskite solar cell technology specifically designed by partners for the Roll-to-Roll printing environment.

EMC’s use of mature pilot line facilities allows for process scale-up without the capital cost and build time normally associated with scale-up efforts. This a significant advantage compared to traditional semiconductor-based solar photovoltaic manufacturing as EMC’s production: 

Eliminates exorbitant CapEx cost
Consumes 20X less materials  
Has small factory footprint; all production under one roof
> Exponentially reduces processing steps
Mitigates large environmental impacts
Eliminates production-throttling barriers and costs                                                                                          

         Comparison – New 4 GW Size Greenfield Factory Build

chart representing production of advanced photovoltaic materials manufacturing scale

For solar to meet 20% of global energy by 2050, new PV module manufacturing capacity must grow at least 5x – 10x by 2035. In order to meet this timeline, the CapEx to build manufacturing capacity requires highly favorable capital intensity and rapid new greenfield factory build capability.

EMC’s high-speed printing model lowers the cost of building new greenfield factories by 95%, allows factories to be built in 12 months, and can reduce the selling price of high efficiency modules by up to 50% (at full production) compared to forecasted best-in-class silicon module product.