Massively Scalable, Advanced Photovoltaic Manufacturing

EMC’s solar cell printing model is a unique fusion of existing production lines and mature processes from exclusive roll-to-roll industry leaders, and EMC’s intellectual property for printing high performance perovskite solar cell technology. 

EMC’s solution-based printing provides significant advantage compared to traditional semiconductor-based solar silicon photovoltaic manufacturing. These include:

  • Eliminates exorbitant CapEx cost
  • Consumes less solar cell materials (1 micron thick solar cell compared to a 170micron silicon wafer)
  • Has small factory footprint; all production can be under one roof
  • Exponentially reduces processing steps
  • Mitigates large environmental impacts
  • Provide predictable supply of product
graphic of EMC's speedy production

Green Field Factory CapEx Advantage

For solar to meet 20% of global energy by 2050, new PV module manufacturing capacity must grow at least 5x – 10x by 2040 or sooner. In order to meet this timeline, the CapEx to build manufacturing capacity requires highly favorable capital intensity and rapid new greenfield factory building capability.

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