High Speed Inline
Roll-to-Roll Module

EMC GigaSpeed™ Production Line

The GigaSpeed™ production line will manufacture the entire solar module in-line with a target speed of 30 meters per minute. Employing an eight-station production coater with a 1.5 meter wide web, the annual output of one line (at typical uptime and yield rates) culminates in 20 million square meters, equaling 4GW’s of BackbonePV™ material per year.

Printing on flexible, 100 micron Corning® Willow® Glass, the high-speed Roll-to-Roll process provides a base module which is ready for second stage junction box installation and frame, or glass-on-glass butyl edge sealant depending on product type.

GigaSpeed Inline 8 Station Coater

Corning® Willow® Glass

Fusion formed Willow® Glass provides the inherent benefits of glass in a mechanically bendable form-factor, enabling cost-efficient device processing.

Roughly the thickness of copy paper, it’s an ultra-light weight, durable hermetic barrier back sheet and a pristine surface for printing high performance perovskite solar cells on Roll-to-Roll production lines.

Photo credit - Corning, Inc.