EMC Product Plan

EMC’s product plan is anchored by a highly differentiated purebred perovskite solar material. The company will initiate commercial sales with company branded BackbonePV™ Plate traditional flat plate modules followed by Conform™ flexible products while offering BackbonePV™ OEM bulk material to downstream specialty product companies.

BackbonePV™ Plate

BackbonePV™ flat plate module design development mimics the 45+ year old NASA rectangular form factor that is still industry standard today. This EMC product is planned to have a broad size range for Utility scale, Commercial & Industrial and Residential markets, both framed and unframed, and complies with common fixed and tracking rack systems and BOS integrations. With our unique Willow® Glass printing surface, the BackbonePV™ glass-on-glass bifacial design is forecast to be 50% lighter than similar size glass-on-glass modules.

Working with industry development partners in the racking, EPC, and software modeling sectors, BackbonePV™’s unique material properties allow for long overdue innovation on the flat plate module concept. This future innovation can result in cost and emissions reductions throughout the solar project supply chain as a result of lighter weight racking, faster installation processes, lower shipping and handling costs, and less project labor.

BackbonePV™ Feather™

Flexible PV modules for building integrated solutions and other applications have been marginally successful due to high cost, low performance, and a short usable life span. BackbonePV™’s unique material design, low cost, and high efficiency can enable an entirely new paradigm for flexible solar.

BackbonePV™ OEM

BackbonePV™ OEM PV material will be sold in bulk to downstream electrification partners for integration into their unique high value product offerings. 

Photo credit: Corning, Inc.