Purebred Perovskite
Photovoltaic Technology

At EMC, our focus is purebred perovskite solar. With its outsized advantages in simplified manufacturing, exceptional high efficiency solar energy conversion, and now proven durability, our product plan consists of single junction (one solar cell layer), bifacial and tandem junction (two solar cell layers) perovskite solar modules. Our purebred perovskite approach eliminates the high CapEx manufacturing cost, low production throughput speed, and supply chain complexity associated with hybrid, multiple solar cell technology designs.

Perovskite manufacturing has key benefits for unlocking the potential of ubiquitous solar energy generation.

> Perovskites can be synthesized from earth abundant materials that are recyclable.

> Perovskite modules can be high-speed manufactured using low cost ink-based printing processes without high cost semiconductor facilities and accompanying slow throughput speeds.

> Perovskite printing leads to high manufacturing yield, as defects in material printing have low impact on the overall module efficiency.

> EMC’s mature pilot line scale-up process allows for process development on low cost, narrow web widths which then transport to 1.5 meter web width GigaSpeed™ line manufacturing in a straightforward manner without defect limitations. 

Perovskite Crystal Structure

EMC Cell Efficiency Roadmap

Single Junction
Single Junction Bifacial
Tandem Junction